Saturday, June 2, 2012

Collar Tags For Pet Travel

Collar Tags for Pet Travel
     When most of us put tags on our dogs with our phone numbers the number we use if we are still using a home phone in this day of cellular everywhere is our home phone number. However if you are travelling you may want to reconsider that. You need to get your dog a new collar tag with your cell phone number on it. That way should your dog get lost out on your trip somewhere the lucky people to find her aren't calling your house a couple of states away. It is just a very cheap way to get peace of mind when you travel especially far from home. You can get new collar tags at Petsmart or your local pet store. Or even order your Pet Tags at Amazon.

Monday, March 19, 2012

What Do You Do With Your Dog During The Day?

What Do You Do With Your Dog During The Day?
A Dreaded Day.. by geckoam 

     I'm just wondering what some of you out there do with your dog during the workday? I wish I could be home all the time but the truth is we all have to work unless we are independently wealthy or something like that. So what do you do? Do you take your dog with you to work? If you do take your dog to work was that already established when you got this job or did someone come forward and get the ball rolling on bringing dogs to work? Or does the owner of the company bring their dog so everyone does?  Does your dog stay home in the house or the backyard or do they go to a doggy daycare service of one form or another? I have some friends who swear by the doggy daycare. This guy comes in an old school bus and picks up his kids, all the dogs in his doggy daycare and takes them to the daycare and then brings them home about 5:30 every evening and they are all tired out from playing all day. That sounds wonderful. So what do you all do? Leave your answers in the comment section.
 A Dreaded Day.., a photo by geckoam on Flickr.